Supply Chain

At Icrom, we are committed to a resilient supply chain and aware that the threat of disruptions can impact on clinical or commercial programs.

To prevent potential discontinuities, we have implemented a robust pharmaceutical supply chain management program focused on back-integration, sales and operations planning and strategic procurement of GMP starting materials and key-intermediates.

The importance of a warehouse in pharmaceuticals operations cannot be under stated.

Warehouses act as a strategic hub in the pharmaceutical supply chain, from ensuring proper storage and inventory management to facilitate the efficient distribution of products and global supply chain operations.

With an overall surface of 900 m2, our new Warehouse building is designed to allocate over 1,600 pallets with semi-automated shelves and is interfaced with Company’s ERP to guarantee full control and traceability of our products that reach over 200 customers in 40 countries worldwide.

Sampling and dispensing operations are housed in clean rooms; stabilities are performed according to ICH guidelines.

Logistic operations are handled in compliance with GMP regulations and performed strictly according to specific product requirements, with T-controlled storage conditions and transport options.