Proxis Développement Group

Proxis Développement SA is a French industrial group, founded in 2004, which offers products, services and solutions to a wide range of market segments, including the water treatment, perfumes and agro-food sectors.


AQUAPROX – specialized in industrial water treatment
BIOPROX – specialized in food industry and biotechnological solutions
ICROM – specialized in the development and manufacture of API and GMP intermiediates
SOZIO – perfume creation house for different industrial sectors (the perfume industry, cosmetics, ambiance and detergents)

This diversification constitutes a major asset for the Group and its customers: capitalising on its know-how, sharing in-house resources, the complementary nature of various skills and forms of expertise. Proxis Développement holding is an affiliate of Protex international, an independent French Industrial Group, founded in 1932. Protex International has been run by the Moor family for 3 generations, currently leading a group of 300 millions euros.