Custom Manufacturing

A substantial investment plan for new facilities and technologies has transformed our Company into a key player in the CDMO field, sought after for its qualified knowledge and expertise, for its capabilities and high tech solutions. Manufacturing operations are held in 4 GMP facilities, which feature semi-automated equipment with multi-scale capacity, housed in clean rooms and including cryogenic capabilities. An independent unit is devoted to High Potent API manufacturing.

Scale-up & industrialization
GMP manufacturing of APIs and related intermediates

• 1.000 m2 overall production areas, multi-scale capacity 25 L up to 6,000 L stainless-steel and glass-lined reactors

• 100 m3 reaction volume

• Hydrogenation reactor (500 L capacity, 10 Bar)

Hastelloy reactor fully equipped for cryogenic reactions

• Finishing department equipped with paddle- dryers, biconical dryiers, conical millers and jet- mill for particle size reduction and control

High-Potent Unit equipped with 2 isolators for handling and manufacturing of cytotoxic compounds

A new clinical scale API plant is under construction and will be in operations by mid 2022. A state-of-the-art unit equipped with 3 Hastelloy reactors (100 L, 200L, 400L), 3 stainless-steel reactors (100L, 200L, 400L), Hastelloy filter drier, centrifuge and a static drier.