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High Potency

GMP unit devoted to:

  • Small Volume High-Potency APIs
  • HP APIs for Clinical Trials

  • HPUnit AnalyticalBox
  • HPUnit ProcessBox2


    ICROM is repositioning itself as an high-potency active ingredients manufacturer.

    ICROM is significantly investing in state-of-the-art infrastructures and equipments with the aim of becoming an important player in this pharmaceutical segment. An highly-contained laboratory and small volume manufacturing unit has just been GMP unit is installed in a clean room area, it is suitable to handle potent compounds down to 0.1 μg/m3.

    This workshop is used both for the set-up and optimization of chemical processes and for low volume GMP productions (10-300 g/batch) of New Chemical Entities devoted to preclinical and clinical studies.
    It is also the unit of choice for the GMP production of highly-potent small volume generic api’s, as those involved in Injectable anticancer drugs.

    In the near future, another larger highly-contained manufacturing unit will be activated. This workshop will be exploited for the GMP productions on higher scales (0.5-2 kg).
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